Interior Painting: Attention to Details

the modern interior roll - painting (3D rendering)

Anyone can paint a room, but if you are looking for professional results with the right attention to detail, you’ve come to the right place. So what makes a beautiful paint job? As painters, we know that a fantastic finish starts with proper surface preparation and attention to detail.

Understanding what the final results will look like and the steps to get there is what makes a painter a professional. Let’s start with the preparation for an interior painting project.

Walls must be sanded to remove all inconsistencies and past imperfections from the last paint job. As the walls are being sanded, they are being inspected for any cracks or nail holes that need to be filled. Applying spackle to surface blemishes is done as part of the preparation.

Walls are cleaned and baseboards are scrubbed to remove dirt and grim. If you paint over dust and dirt, the new paint will not bond correctly to the old and the finish will be imperfect. Doors are cleaned, especially areas around door handles. This will remove the years of grime transfer from hands to door.

Nail or screw holes in drywall are re-set and holes are spackled. This may take some repeated applications to make surface ‘like new’. Light switch covers should be removed as well as all wall hardware.

After surface preparation, the even application of paint with the correct sized rollers is next. It’s important to cut in corners (or wherever the roller can’t reach) first…and then apply the rolled application. Making sure this is done fast, before the cut in paint is dry, will prevent flashing. Between coats, a light sand and any necessary surface repair should be done prior to final coat.

The pre-paint preparation of the surfaces and the attention to correct application techniques is paramount in creating long lasting beautiful finishes. Contact M & M Painting for a professional finish.