How to Prep for a Paint Job that Will Last

Ask any painter, the most important part of painting is preparation of the surfaces. A good rule of thumb, spend 90% of the time preparing and 10% painting. Here are the top things to attend to before opening a can of paint. Treat mold with outdoor bleach and some elbow grease. Replace any rotten wood, and repair cracks in stucco or cement with similar materials. Caulk seams and putty any holes and pits in the surface. Sand and scrape loose paint. Follow up with a power wash, to remove loose dirt, pollen and any debris near corners of the exterior.

After cleaning, your house should be allowed to dry completely. Moisture behind the exterior needs to be evacuated, so it doesn’t get trapped behind the painted surface. The same is true for waiting until after a heavy rainfall to paint the outside of your home.

Check the weather forecast. Painting goes best in dry, mild weather, which is not overly windy. Outdoor temperatures between 50-90 degrees are advised to ensure optimal drying of the paint.