Choosing the Right Painter

It goes without saying that choosing the right painter is directly linked to the quality of the painting job. Besides this there are key skills that a painting company should know that are key to a top quality painting job:

  1. Cleanliness: It’s important for a painting company to protect any areas that shouldn’t be painted prior to the start of work. Moving furniture, protecting hardwoods and carpeting and even covering outdoor plants are all steps that a quality painter will perform prior to starting work.
  2. Preparation: It’s been said that painting is 90% prep, 10% painting.  A painting company that starts painting right out of the gate, without any attention to cleaning or preparing surfaces probably doesn’t have the quality of the job in your best interest.
  3. Value: How do you know that your getting the right value from the painting company? Are they charging you too much money? How much does this service really cost?

These points probably raise more questions than they answer, but choosing the right painter doesn’t have to be hard. M&M Painting is a trusted painting company in Northern New Jersey with extensive knowledge and impeccable quality. Contact us for more information and to schedule a free estimate.