What About Wallpaper?

We, know, it a big decision! But the 3 most important things you should consider when choosing between a paint or wallpaper finish are the following:

1. Versatility to you Space
Both paint and wallpaper come in unlimited varieties and endless colors. Your home lifestyle and particular needs, as well as design appetite. Wallpaper is still a popular choice for residential and commercial wall coverings, and M & M Painting provides both services to clients. For high traffic areas such as hallways of office buildings, wallpaper can stand up to rubbing, grease and high finger traffic. For homes we see wallpaper application not as a practical application, but more as a design feature. For example, looking at this image, thewallpaper adds a sense of warm raised texture to the room.
2. Ease of Application
If you are ‘doing it yourself’, it’s definetly much easier to apply paint instead of wallpaper. Wallpaper may come with adhesive already applied, so then you would have to soak the paper in warm water to activate the glue…or you would have to apply glue directly to the paper and then hang. As far as our skillset: the time it takes to paint…is usually the same time it would take to apply wallpaper. The time consuming aspects of paper hanging are matching designs and constantly checking that the paper is hung level…which is especially hard for walls that aren’t.
We charge slightly more for wallpaper application because of its technical difficulty. But, we do offer free consultations, so you can be sure that whether it be paint or wallpaper, you are getting the best deal from M & M Painting!
What about a combination of both? Everyone wants a room with bold color and character. We advise clients to ‘think outside’ of the box’ and experiment with adding accentwallpaper to certain walls once a room is painted the desired color. This means that you already probably enjoy the color and type of finish and by adding wallpaper accents you are introducing textures into a room.