Tips from the Pros at M&M Painting

What’s the difference between Pros and Novices? Pros know the inside and out ‘ticks of the trade’ to produce fantastic results on any painting project. Here are some tried and true tips from your friends at M & M Painting.

1. Use an old paintbrush or china bristle brush to dust baseboards, trim and crown molding after sanding and obviously before any paint is applied to surfaces. This will eliminate any foreign objects from drying in the paint.
2. Protect baseboards, light switches and any hardware from paint droplets by using painters tape. This will protect these surfaces from minute paint droplets from the application of paint by a roller.
3. Paint doesn’t stick very well to dirty walls. Cleaning the walls with soap and water will remove surface dust.
4. When painting panel doors, start by painting the panels and moldings first. Then paint the rest of the door, finishing with the outer edges.
5. For wall patches, mix a joint compound product with plaster of paris and some water. This will make for a quick-dry hybrid compound.
6. After a painting project is finished, we advise that paint be stored in an area that will protect from freezing and temperatures above 95 degrees F.
For more painting tips, watch us in action on your next painting job!