3 Things You Must Know When Painting a House Exterior


M & M painting has the best tips and knows how to make sure the painting of your home is done right!

  1. Consider the Weather- When our clients want a project complete, we are fast to action…but we need to be conscious of Mother Nature when planning an exterior paint job. The weather needs to be dry, with no rain in the forecast for at least 24 hrs. The humidity also needs to be low. The reason being is that the paint needs time to dry and will not correctly bond to surfaces that are damp. Extreme temperatures are also problematic when applying paint to exterior surfaces.
  2. Don’t Paint Rotten Wood…Replace!- Siding and rotten molding material should not be painted, as the paint will do nothing to slow down or stop the deterioration of the wood. Once the section of wood is identified, we replace the material with new wood and compound.
  3. Prep the Perimeter- Painting is a messy job, so make sure to cover the ground, walkways, driveway and plants. Outdoor furniture, grills, etc should be moved away from the painting area. Just because you are outside doesn’t mean that your things won’t get paint speckles on them!