How Do you Know When to Paint?

As a trusted painting contractor in Northern New Jersey, we receive this question all the time from new and current clients. ‘Does it NEED to be Painted?’. If you have to ask, the question is usually ‘Yes”. Depending on the application method, type of paint, brand of paint, the pre-existing surface, and the natural elements…paint will last for a long time, but the color and durability may wane over time. For example an interior wall that is constantly exposed to direct sunlight will loose it’s color long before a wall opposite that receives no direct sunlight. Have you ever taken a picture off the wall to see the paint behind is brighter than the surrounding exposed area?

For exterior painting, the general rule of thumb is 5-8¬†years for each paint job. Now, if you are repainting metal siding it will be longer…as paint over wood will be less durable because of the absorption of humidity by the wood. If you notice chipping, cracking and spidering of the paint finish…it’s time to call M&M!